Board of Directors


Justin M. Ross, Esq., President
Sean Antone Hunt, Esq., Vice-President
Rose Benson, Secretary
Clayton C. Purdom, Esq., Treasurer

Memphis Bar Association

Annie T. Christoff, Esq.
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC

Michael J. Fletcher, Esq.
Deputy City Attorney

Sean Antone Hunt, Esq.
The Hunt Law Firm

Sarah H. Norton, Esq.
International Paper

Clayton C. Purdom, Esq.
Martin Tate Morrow & Marston PC

Kristine L. Roberts, Esq.
Baker, Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC

Thad S. Rodda, Esq.
Burch Porter & Johnson PLLC

Justin M. Ross, Esq.
Federal Express

Lauran Stimac, Esq.
Glassman, Wyatt, Tuttle & Cox PC

Andre C. Wharton, Esq
The Wharton Firm

Association of Women Attorneys

Keating C. Lowery, Esq.
First Tennessee Bank

Tipton County Bar Association

Amber G. Shaw, Esq.
Law Offices of J. Houston Gordon

National Bar Association Ben F. Jones Chapter

Carlos A. Bibbs, Esq.
Senior Assistant City Attorney


Client Representative

Rose Benson

Allison Donald
Memphis Center for Independent Living

Zaquishia Green
RISE Foundation

Contrina Luckett
Shelby County Community Services Agency

Bernado Zapata
Latino Memphis
Shelvie Rose
Delta Human Resources Agency

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