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Welcome to Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc.’s Website

Harrison D. McIverMemphis Area Legal Services, Inc. (MALS) entered its fifth decade with the same commitment and determination that inspired 30 members of the legal profession in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King’s death to coalesce around a shared vision to establish an organization whose single purpose was to provide means by which the legal problems of the poor could be addressed.

Today, MALS continues that tradition of "excellence in legal advocacy," as a non-profit law firm geared to provide the highest quality legal assistance possible to the most vulnerable residents of our community. 

Even with a dedicated staff, it cannot meet the overwhelming need today because the "justice gap" is widening exacerbated by the economic woes of our time. As the recent national census reveal, more than 57 million individuals live at or below the poverty line, representing an increase of 14 million since the 2000 census.

While MALS is completely aware of the economics of the times, but notwithstanding, should this community not support legal services to the most vulnerable members of our community – individuals with limited income, largely women and children, the elderly, and the disabled, it will mean the difference in having food , shelter, income and living in a safe and healthy environment.

What can you do? Simply, volunteer your time willingly and generously contribute $325.00 minimally, or just give what you are able to give to the 2013 Campaign for Equal Justice.

Again, welcome to our website and thank you! We hope you find it informative and leave with a better understanding of the various activities and important services we provide our community.
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Volunteer Opportunities


The annual Campaign For Equal Justice provides funds for Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc. (MALS).  The legal community supports this vital fundraising effort as do area corporations, foundations, and concerned citizens.

Click here to donate online:

Or mail Contributions to:

MALS Campaign For Equal Justice
22 N. Front St., 11th Floor
Memphis, TN 38103


Honor Roll Category Definitions
Donors to the 2013 Campaign For Equal Justice will be recognized by the following category designations in the annual Honor Roll advertisement and during the Law Week reception sponsored by the Memphis Bar Association:

Visionaries – Contributions of $25,000 or more.

Difference Makers – Law firms of 2 or more attorneys contributing $325 or more per lawyer (a minimum donation of $1000.00 is required).

Barristers – Contributions from $24,999 - $10,000

Advocates – Contributions from $9,999 - $5,000         

Guardians – Contributions from $4,999 - $1,000            

Leaders – Contributions from $999 - $400         

Supporters – Contributions from $399 - $150

Friends – Contributions of $149 and below

Gray Knights – Senior Attorneys – ($100 minimum contribution)

Click here to view donors to the 2013 Campaign For Equal Justice.

Financial contributions made to Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc. are tax-deductible in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. 

For more information about the Campaign, contact Linda W. Seely, Director of Pro Bono Services and the Campaign for Equal Justice, or Harrison McIver, Executive Director/CEO.

2014 Campaign For Equal Justice Campaign Chairs

Shea Wellford, Esq.
 Campaign Chair


2014 Campaign Cabinet Members

Large Firms Co-Chairs
John Golwen, Jonathan C. Hancock, Elizabeth Stengel, Amy Pepke, John Heflin,
Shepard Tate and Shea Wellford

Corporate Co-Chairs
Eugenia McGown, Justin Ross, Asia Diggs and Andy Branham

Small/Medium Firms Co-Chairs
Harris P. Quinn, Amber Floyd, Shalini Bhatia, Matt May

Solo Firms Co-Chairs
Sean A. Hunt, Kevin Childress, Shannon Toon, Frank Cantrell

Government Co-Chairs
Zayid Saleem and Harrison D. McIver, III

Gray Knights Co-Chairs
Alexander Wellford and Susan Callison

Rural Co-Chair

Amber Shaw

Young Lawyers Co-Chairs
Luke Cantrell and Sarah Pazar

University of Memphis Law School Faculty Co-Chair
Dean Peter Letsou

Community Outreach
Elizabeth Roane

MALS Members
Jonathan C. Hancock – President, Board of Directors
Harrison D. McIver, III – Executive Director/CEO
Frank S. Cantrell – Deputy Director/General Counsel
Rita L. Gibson – Director of Development
Linda Warren Seely – Director of Pro Bono Projects/CEJ
Elizabeth Roane – Chief Donor Relations Officer